A little X-Mas Story / Eine kleine Weihnachtsgeschichte

As horse breeders we all know it’s not always happiness and sunshine and we all have experienced difficulties, problems, sleepless night and loss.
This year I was very touched by the story of little ‘Freedom des Truffiers’ in France who lost her mother only a couple of hours after birth, making her an orphan.

It was around the same time when we had our foal ‘Siraxta Forlán’, where everything went just perfectly. From birth, first days, growing up, etc. Such a happy foal who didn’t know a single worry in the world and well cared for and looked after by her super Mum ‘Fanningstown Princess’.

And there was little ‘Freedom’ all on her own when she needed her Mum the most. Lonely, sad, worried, scared and her life hanging on a tiny thread.
But there were her wonderful humans of ‘Elevage des Truffiers’ who were going to do everything to safe her life…

As if it isn’t hard enough to loose a beloved mare, having this little helpless baby there all alone in the big world is even more heartbreaking.
Even with all the effort put in, a foster mare could not be found and so they had to start bottle feeding her. For many many days and nights it wasn’t clear if she was going to survive or not. Many agonizing moments…

They are so fragile those little ones and need a Mum so much at this stage.
So she was fed with the bottle around the clock and they slept in her stable to comfort her and she also got a big teddy to snuggle up to.




But it was very hard and the little one was going downhill…


And they had to make the tough decision to separate from her and bring her to the hospital where she was in intensive care.


Many more moments of sorrow and worry if she will make it or not… Terrible…


But little ‘Freedom’ was a fighter and a hospital is not a nice place to be and she knew how much she was loved at home, so against all the odds she got better and was finally able to go home to her humans and her horsey friends again and she drank a lot and got stronger every day putting smiles on her humans faces 🙂



She got sooooo much love that there was only one way to go and that was the way forward and so she got better and better and she turned into a happy foal like the rest of them 🙂


This is ‘Freedom des Truffiers’ (on the right) at 5 months old with her best friend ‘Fica des Truffiers’. Gorgeous, happy, healthy, cheeky and enjoying life to the fullest 🙂


While I was looking at our wonderful little ‘Forlán’ I have wondered many times how little ‘Freedom’ was doing…
Her story was very close to my heart, as this could/can happen to any one of us who breeds horses. No matter how well prepared you are, how much experience you have or how much money is around. It’s just life…

And because everyone likes a message to a story; mine here now is:
to never give up and to love ❤



With lots of Love,

Daniela and the whole ‘Coolmore-Family’

2015-12-17 19.42.31.jpg

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